Ice Cube is setting the record straight … saying he was not taking a huge shot at Paul Walker when he griped about losing to him at the MTV Movie Awards — and claims his words were misinterpreted.

Cube raised eyebrows when, according to USA Today, he said … “We was robbed” in the Best Onscreen Duo category. He and Kevin Hart's "Ride Along" lost to Paul Walker and Vin Diesel’s ”Fast & Furious 6.

Yeah, good luck trying to win anything next to Kevin Hart. It would take 60 of him just to reach Vin. 

RIP Paul<3

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❝ I read somewhere, one, that crying defies scientific explanation. Tears are only meant to lubricate the eyes. There is no real reason for tear glands to overproduce tears at the behest of emotion.
I think we cry to release the animal parts of us without losing our humanity. Because inside of me is a beast that snarls, and growls, and strains toward freedom, toward Tobias, and, above all, towards life. And as hard as I try, I cannot kill it.
— Insurgent
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❝ People, I have discovered, are layers and layers of secrets. You believe you know them, that you understand them, but their motives are always hidden from you, buried in their own hearts. You will never know them, but sometimes you decide to trust them.
— Insurgent
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&#8230;. h-holy fuck. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

…. h-holy fuck. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

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They’re saying the government could save 467 MILLION just by changing to a font that uses less ink.

Ink costs normally 75 dollars AN OUNCE.


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Okay that TMNT with Megan Fox has been on my tv 30 times already.

It will not make me go watch it!


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TMNT with Megan Fox just came on my tv…

Yeah… like THAT will do well at the box office.

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This show has become a joke now. >|

King Henry should be strung up by his balls and chewed alive by wolves — starting with his dick.

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And now it’s a porno in the king’s room.
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Oh shut up francis. Bl
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Wtf just came outta bonnies shadow?
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Let me get this straight, Caroline couldnt kill Stefans doppelganger to save Stefan, who she liked since s1, but yet she forgets that she killed 12 witches with one shot to save Bonnie..
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Nice knowing you, Tom.
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Do please ring Jeremy’s neck for getting in to vampire business. Bl
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Bad Elena. Bad Elena. Lmfao!
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